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What is a blog?

Blog is a web application in which its user can insert posts. These contributions are wrote by only one editor on only one Web page. But that is not an excact rule as demonstrated on PeopleLovePeople.

Blog posts are usually displayed in reversed chronological order, but it depends on the user settings. Most usual then is displaing the most recent posts first. The one operating a blog is called a blogger. The word blog was created from to the English phrase "web log", which means "web diary". This association was later reduced to the word "weblog", and today is used only as blog.

Blogs of all types

Each blog is focused on an different area, some blogs focus on the quotes, others on stories. Also there are blogs where you can read about your favorite sports or hobby.

There are blogs of all kinds today. Blogs differes not only in themes but also the format. It may be a simple list of links to web sites either long texts.


Posts that appear on the blog, are labeled with the date and time. At present time it offers an overview of the most recent posts in RSS format. You can create blog for either professional or personal presentation of the contributions. According to the survey more and more people set up personal blogs particularly in the age group 16 to 21. Most blogs are based in the United States, theese are followed by Canada, Russia and Australia.

Blog history
Blog is a web application, allowing bloggers (authors of posts on the web) to present stories, articles or information through various posts on the blog. Contributions are often displayed in reverse chronological order, ie the latest article appears in the first place. Blog has a rich history and also a number of predecessors.
Electronic communities

Electronic communities existed prior the internet, but not in such good qualiy as today's blogs. In the past, the AP connection resembled a large room for chat, where various electronic conversation have met. Other electronic predecessors were associations of radio broadcasting community. But the communication with other participants was live or so called eye to eye.


This amateur radios were marked as "glogs". Other popular blog ancestors have been the digital communities typical in various forms. The Usenet for example. Usenet was an electronic mailing list. During 1990 it began to expand software for internet forums abroad, thanks to which were conversations on the topic were created. Also blogers keep their messages on the internet.


Blogging was founded on the principle of a combination of personal web sites with tools that make linking to other pages easier. These tools are called blogroll and TrackBack.


First blogger was Justin Hall. His first blog was launched in 1994, when he was a student of Swarthmore College. The name "weblog" invented Jorn Barger probably in December 1997. But the term shortened to "blog" came from Peter Merholze. Blogs today are launched by younger orolder people to show their experiences.


The blog is a mediator between you and the readers. You become the author of texts on the blog, readers can write comments on it. It depends on the chosen topic. Blog has a rich history that has developed so much that blog became very popular web application.

BLOG share with others your opinions


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Blog and its functions

Blog is an easy way to create a simple website for free. Blog suits for any form, whether you want to have an internet newspaper, magazine, photo gallery or corporate Journal.


Of course it may be fine pllace to discuss with friends or even a classroom website. There are many options.


If you do not want to make extensive modifications in your blog, you don´t even need to know HTML, CSS, PHP or SQL. Theese are code languages ??without which almost website can´t be crated. Blog is based on simplicity, so you do not have this knowledge. Even graphic knowledge is not required, because various layouts comes with blog themes.

Starting a blog

If you want to create a blog, you must register first. You choose your name, password, and especially the name of the blog. Blog name is very important because it defines your blog as such. So if you choose the name "Hobby" for example, then you probably will not present posts related to medicine etc.


Choose the name according the purpose of your blog. You can of course create more blogs, each with a different focus. You donot need to have knowledge of programming or graphics programs, and that is a big advantage. Blog is totally free that´s also what made it so popular.

Blog is for everyone
Author writing a blog is called a blogger and all blogs creates blogosphere. The term "blog" comes from the English phrase "web log", joining the combination to "weblog" and then later to its reduction. Blogs are characterized by letting you add comments to the posts, which may arise fairly extensive discussion on a topic. People begin to exchange views and sharing advise through the comments.
Blog format

Also some companies are using blogs to their marketing presentation. The Web is actually one of the main tools of promotion, which the companies are aware of. Therefore they base professional blog, where they represent their products, services, etc. Thus strengthening their position in society, and of course even retains its popularity. Blogs also differ with their topic, people create blogs on various topics. Some prefer animals, other crafts. It depends on each person what he or she wants to inform the reader. If you want to share your experiences, tell your secret recipes and create discussion on various topics, the blog is the right choice.

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