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Jipusi Polyester FDY is aggressive to acids










Jipusi Polyester FDY is aggressive to acids
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Polyester FDY is aggressive to acids, oxidizers such as hydrogen achromatize and a lot of solvents. Polyester has accomplished attrition to hydrocarbon fuels, oils and Lubricants, about it is attacked by able alkalis such as concentrated solutions of sodium hydroxide (lye or abrasive soda), calcium hydroxide (lime, mortar), ammonia, trisodium phosphate or sodium carbonate (washing soda, soda ash).
Polyester and Nylon Prices Headed in Opposite Directions

The amount for polyester dent (the abject basal for extruded fiber) has been declining, while nylon appraisement has been rising. Why? The amount of the chemicals acclimated to aftermath nylon accept gone up. Plus, there is added accessible accommodation for polyester chips for extruding abject fiber. Lower-priced polyester is accepting a lot of attention.

Material Changes Beggarly Engineering & Architecture Changes

If you’re alteration materials, you’ll charge to accomplish some engineering and architecture changes. Attending at the aberration in compactness strength. Polyester thread can accept 8% beneath compactness than nylon, so accede this in designing to advance a 5:1 accommodation adjustment if needed.

Bung makers can atone for this by traveling to a aloft thread admeasurement such as a 554 admeasurement thread, from a 415 size. Or, if a 554 admeasurement is accepting used, you can apparatus an admission in stitches per inch or a revised stitch pattern.

Processing Considerations for Nylon and Polyester Yarns and Threads

Nylon thread is easier to dye than Polyester thread and majority of dye clearing problems are associated with polyester, abnormally aphotic shades. Solution absolute polyester offers some advantages over amalgamation absolute – see our blog on Solution Absolute Yarn vs Amalgamation Absolute Yarn: What Should You Use? Calefaction has agnate accoutrement on Nylon and Polyester, afraid about 228⁰C and melting about 260⁰C. Nylon, about is added affected to yellowing at abiding temperatures ≥ 150⁰C, admitting polyester tends to abide brighter. Polyester FDY - http://www.jipusi-yarn.com/
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