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Popular mini jammer
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Take a look at our surveillance equipment category, you will find that jammers are most people's favorite, especially portable mobile phone jammers.

Compared with other types of cell phone jammer, portable mobile phone jammers can be carried around without paying attention. When making private calls, you can use it to keep it secret. Or, you can apply this method when holding company meetings to discuss confidential content without being noticed by others. Or in other cases, if you are a celebrity like a pop singer but don’t want to record it secretly, then a portable cell phone jammer will definitely help you a lot.


The portable cell phone signal blocker is small but powerful. The blocking radius of a portable phone is not as narrow as that of a large portable computer. Its working range can be from 10 meters to about 100 meters.

The mini jammer is powerful and effective, and can effectively disable any WiFi network, GPS device and cell phone signal (on GSM, CDMA, DCS and 3G frequency bands) without interfering with any other electronic devices. The highly portable size and different power buttons allow users to quickly turn the device on or off to immediately interfere and remove interference. This portable signal jammer is very easy to operate and carry. It is an ideal security and anti-security device. It is very simple and one of the best signal jammers we have tested.

Feeling tracked like a criminal? Turn on this portable signal jammer to block all GPS signals and then go to the desired place without worrying about being tracked by any GPS devices installed by your wife or boss (or both installed). After turning it on, you will be disturbed immediately, and then turning it off, all GPS devices and other network activities will be automatically re-established.

GSM is the most commonly used frequency range for cell phone networks and mobile communications. It includes four main frequency bands (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz) and many smaller standards used in different countries/regions in the world (for example, UMTS, CDMA2000, Nextel, TDMA, AMPS, W-CDMA PCS, etc.) ). . In the communication standards, 3G must be mentioned separately, because it is not only a modern communication frequency, but also can be used for other purposes. Unfortunately, using both GSM and 3G frequency bands not only makes your life easier and more interesting, but also malicious. To interfere with GSM or 3G frequencies, you can choose a portable or desktop GSM jammer. The difference between the two types of GSM jammers is that the portable 3G jammer has a maximum radius of 15 meters, while the desktop 3G GSM CDMA jammer has a maximum radius of 200 meters.
3G frequency will also pose a threat to your wireless security. With its help, some hidden cameras can stream videos. People can access the wireless Internet in some places. According to the security policy, there should be no wireless network at all in these places, and your smartphone may detect the PC in the same way as the Trojan horse virus. Therefore, you can use devices in this category to protect yourself from all these threats.
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