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The US Space Force's first weapon is a satellite jammer










The US Space Force's first weapon is a satellite jammer
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A sophisticated satellite jammer that has been in development since 2004 is officially becoming the US Space Force's first weapon, the Specialized Site Interesting Engineering reported Thursday, April 23.

The US Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) announced on its Twitter account earlier this month that the US Space Forces, a new US defense division founded by Donald Trump in March 2018, reportedly received its first weapon jammer with satellite communications.


This meter communication system block 10.2 is therefore able to temporarily interrupt communication from other satellites from the ground, making them temporarily unusable. This device poses a significant threat to the world's armies, which may not be able to communicate without the support of their satellites. Worse, missile alarms could be silenced and devastating attacks on any country.

There are 13 similar systems around the world, so the US won't be the first to see them. The Russian army would have had a Krassoukha-4 system with similar properties since 2013.

Security forces around the world are facing a growing threat: radio controlled drones flying or hovering over crowded stadiums, prisons and places with high concentrations of people. The drones can spy on, record and broadcast unauthorized videos. They can also transport explosives, illegal goods, and other products. and even carry out terrorist attacks, murder VIPs, etc.

In response to these threats, a new unmanned aerial vehicle UAV jammer was developed. Developed for military use, the DroneBlocker jammer can block small to medium-sized aircraft in a number of ways.


The Brazilian Armed Forces reportedly used the system during the 2016 Rio de Janiero Olympics. The system has been successfully demonstrated in different countries in ten different infrastructures (airports, critical structures, etc.).

How does it work? The technology can disrupt a UAV's Global Positioning System (GPS), forcing the aircraft to land gently. It can also force the UAV to return to its original location. Additionally, it can prevent imaging streams from returning to the operator, thereby thwarting the mission assigned to the UAV.

The innovative technology works with several sensors. The company developed an image processing algorithm that could detect targets such as UAVs based on the video from surveillance cameras installed along a perimeter. The camera subsystem detects the target and sends a message or trigger to the jammer subsystem to activate it.
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