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A Peek at WoW eSports in 2018 - Both PvP and PvE Action Included










A Peek at WoW eSports in 2018 - Both PvP and PvE Action Included
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In today's WoW eSports live stream, Jeramy McIntyre and Josh Allen sat right down to talk about precisely how eSports will likely be presented during 2018. There are big adjustments to Arena Cup play, including an increase inside number of North American and European Cups contributing to qualification for your World Cup. In addition, prize pools will increase along with the year are going to be divided into seasons.

Here include the main points:

how many championship cups for NA and EU is going to be Increasing. The first will start on February 1st.
there are going to be 9 qualifying cups for NA and EU throughout 2018.
Prize pools increases to $10k per cup (from $6k).
The year is broken into 3 seasons. Teams earn points per season. The top four in each region per season are going to be included from the multi-region finals. (not bound to in-game PvP seasons).
Season Finals will grant an immediate qualification to your World Championship. Two will earn their slot based about the 2 tournaments.
more information is going to be revealed for other regions on the next several weeks

World of Warcraft players may also be capable to take part inside the newest eSports sector, PvE. You may can recall the Mythic+ Dungeon Invitational and the way successful it had been in 2017. 2018 are going to be ramping things up.

the primary event will transpire early in 2018
players will progress through the proving grounds to time trials to regional finals towards the global finals
proving ground challenges are going to be presented (i.e. complete dungeons on XX levels). Each team that completes the challenge is going to be invited in to the time trials
on time trials, every second that the team takes to complete a dungeon will matter. It is going to be a cumulative time total. Only 8 teams per region will progress
in tournament play, players will likely be able to select legendaries and gear from vendors. The philosophy is always that it's about best play over best gear
finals are going to be double-elimination as opposed to single
larger prize pools
top teams will likely be placed in the bracket with the global finals
live event with teams brought to some single venue coming from all over the globe
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