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Alonso and I will talk about wine later










Alonso and I will talk about wine later
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In 2010 South Africa World Cup finals,Dutch midfielder De Jong Fei jumped into the Spanish star Alonso chest,which also FIFA 18 Coins became one of the game's memorable shots,but also the classic picture of that tournament.

However,the Dutch tried to excuse his eight years ago in an interview with 442 and hoped that he and Alonso could both smile and hatred.

De Jong said:"All my concerns are on the ball."

"I didn't notice Alonso because he was in my blind spot.We met afterwards but did not mention this topic - this is a moment in the history of football."

"Maybe one day we will sit down and have a beer,talking about life and laughing to the past.At the end of the game they are the winner.He is the last person to laugh."

The finals in Johannesburg finally helped Spain score 1-0 with a score from Barcelona's legendary Iniesta in stoppage time.

But even more impressive than the result is that De Jong is still able to stay on the court after making such exaggerated moves against Alonso.

Referring to Webber referee Weber,De Jong relaxed in the game due to his tolerance.

"At that time I didn't want me to (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-CP4SvuGVxNK0B7pKLR6w) be sent off because it was an accident to me," De Jong added.

"I'm glad that the referee is an experienced Englishman who has faced many challenges in the past.I think he thought I was unconscious because I immediately raised my hands."
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