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Conti retains Azar You are younger than Messi C Lo










Conti retains Azar You are younger than Messi C Lo
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Some of Azar's father's remarks about the Belgian star's rejection of Chelsea's New Testament and his wish to (www.lolga.com) play for Real Madrid have recently become the focus of attention and discussion. As Chelsea's star, Ajar is the absolute core Comte under the command of Italy coach Azar when he spoke in the hope he can stay team achievements.

Azar's father, Tjerieri-Azar, told French media Canal +: "Now I can confirm the news is that Azar has rejected Chelsea's renewal contract in order to, if necessary, he Real Madrid can play in the future, but the current situation is that Azar has not contacted Real Madrid in the direction of his future above, he is only one side of the contract. Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane on Azar Very appreciated, coupled with the Belgian father's remarks on this departure about the news Azar is now even more rampant.

In response, Conti said: "I am very honored Aydin (Azar) play in my team.He is indeed a very good guy, there are many room for improvement, there are the best players in the world He has the potential to score more goals and if you look at his stats you will see that he can score even more goals and that's one of the things he can improve. "

"When you are a forward or a No. 10 player, you've got the character to score, and I think there's still a lot of room for improvement in this area, but do not forget he is better than the other two players (Messi and C Lo If you're playing for a great club, you have to trust the club and their ambitions, and I think he is right here to stay.

In addition to Adjara, the question of the renewal of Chelsea's door god Qatuodua also worries Conti and Blues executives. At age 25, his old girlfriend and two children live in Madrid, and he is also a real scandal. Conte said: "Our contract with the team until the end of next season, and we are talking about one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and I and my team have the privilege to own him, and we There are three fantastic goalkeepers: Curtuvat, Caballero and Eduardo. "

Azar's contract with Chelsea expires in 2020, the Belgians this season for the Blues 25 appearances in all competitions, scoring 8 goals, assists 8 times. Chutua's contract with Chelsea is still valid for 18 months, and according to media reports, he had previously rejected Chelsea's £ 200,000 weekly pound.
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