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D Antoni Our offensive ideas are layups pointers and free throws

D Antoni Our offensive ideas are layups pointers and free throws
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Rockets today 116-107 victory over (www.lolga.com ) the Bulls, Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni after the media interview, he believes that the team's defensive intensity increased.

"We improved the defensive intensity, a lot of players have played a performance, you can see that we did not physically last moment, first in the defensive end, and then that is a short three-pointers will certainly be ups and downs, but first of all we We need to withstand the opponent's offense and, secondly, we need to understand that we can bite the score by the defender instead of always attacking. On the defensive end we lost some points at the end but we are much better tonight, "D'Antoni said.

When it comes to the team's attack today, D'Antoni said: "Better than the last, and much better, our offense is better."

"It means we shot a lot of one-third, hahaha, not like that, we try to shoot the right shot, we feel comfortable and confident, so why not vote for it? I like them to do so." D'Antoni Speaking of the team today, 54 three-point shot said.

D'Antoni goes on to say: "Our offensive ideas are layups, three-pointers and free throws, we're missing James (Harden), we're missing a few free throws, we have Chris (Paul) and Eric (Gordon) James (Harden) will also shoot a lot of one-third, we use the opponent's defense to give us the opportunity to 20 three-pointers to 20 one-third.
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