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Developer Blog: Updates to Inventory Management










Developer Blog: Updates to Inventory Management
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Hello, all!

In a similar spirit that brought us the improvements inside Sword Coast Chronicle window plus the journal, we’ve added some features that any of us hope could make using your inventory easier. You can see the modern features by using a new button inside footer with the inventory window:

The new options:

“Buy A Bag” – this is just what the button used to perform. You may also click on the first empty bag slot from the footer (marked which has a ZEN icon).

“Identify All” – Yay, finally! Goes to every unidentified item inside your inventory, starting in the top from the grid, applies the favorite choices identify scroll into it, and moves on on the next unidentified item. This continues before you run out of unidentified items or scrolls, whichever comes first. If you have goods that you desire to make sure get identified, move them to your top of the inventory!

“Sort All Bags” –Using this choice rearranges items total your bags to ensure all items in the same type are sorted together, regardless of what bag these people were in. You can’t quickly undo this, so use with caution! The difference between this and also the “Sort” button next on the individual bags is that using the individual bags’ “Sort” button, only the products in that bag will probably be rearranged.

“Sell All Treasure” – If you’re in a place where one can sell items, this may sell everything of category “Treasure” as part of your inventory. You can see with an item’s tooltip whether or not this has this category, in the bottom left. Examples of treasure are such things as Priceless Platinum Bowls, Jeweled Platinum Statuettes, Intricate Bone Pins, etc.

“Display Options” – This is a method to filter your inventory display to learn effectively to find items.

Selecting different filters can have only items achievable property. Any filters being applied will appear in the top on the inventory window, to reassure you that a inventory hasn’t actually changed.

As a sample, here's a display substitute for show only components of qualities “Uncommon” and “Legendary,” also to not show the inventory divided up into bags. All items are going to be shown a single big grid.

And right here is the resulting inventory display. Your choices here are going to be remembered between game sessions, therefore the next time you signing in you’ll still see this filtered display.

“Convert Refinement Points” – This is a way to complete a bulk conversion of products to Refinement Points. There are going to be another writing about the whole refinement system, so I won’t enter into how or why you’d make this happen. Just know that there’s a strategy to convert a bunch of products to RP simultaneously, and also converting items individually through their right-click menus.

We’re really hoping the changes can improve quality of life for the players. We are always looking for ways that individuals can make anyone experience more pleasant. What do you think? Are there any other inventory features that you’d want to see? By the way, if you are interested to buy cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, stay tuned for more at https://www.mmoah.com/
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