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Due to the continuous absence of eukaryotic exposure

Due to the continuous absence of eukaryotic exposure
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As a midfielder in Manchester City, Silva had previously missed a row with Newcastle and the Crystal Palace in a row, according to the Theres station news because his wife had postpartum complications and he needed to go home to (www.lolga.com ) deal with the issue. And according to media coverage he may miss several games thereafter.

Earlier, Guardiola was asked about the reasons for the absence of Silva, he simply said: "Silva have important personal issues to be solved." Beijing on January 3, 2018 City against Watford in the game , Silva finally returned to Manchester City squad, coach Pep Guardiola face the media once again talked about Silva's question.

According to the Daily Mail, Guardiola said after the game about the absence of Silva: "I understand David Silva's practice and I think that family is the most important thing. It is obvious to all the importance of Elba to our team, but I do not know how long he will leave the stadium, and I think Silva is the most important member of Manchester City. "

David Silva has always been a low-key player in the presence, and players like him are one of the best in today's football. He is not the head of Manchester City but his role on the court can not be replaced by anyone. His role can not be measured by data, he is a really good organizer.

Although already about 32 years old, but Silva's performance does not seem to be affected by age. Manchester City scored 18 straight wins under his command and set a new record in the winning streak for the Premier League. A few weeks ago, Manchester City also announced the completion of the contract with David Silva, the new contract will be by 2020. By then, Silva will be over the age of 35, perhaps he will also retire in Ittihad.
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