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Durant talks about the key three points










Durant talks about the key three points
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The Warriors today defeated the Cavaliers 110-102 away,and the finals score became 3-0.After the game,the Warriors star Kevin Durant talked about his three pointers in the last quarter of the fourth quarter.

"I haven't retired,so I don't want these moments to be my definition of a career.When I hit a shot,I was thrilled.Shooting at this level of the game was difficult and I knew that.But at the same time I I've seen more crazy things,so we were leading 6 points and anything could happen.We just tried to (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-CP4SvuGVxNK0B7pKLR6w ) stay calm,not allowing our opponents to get an open three-pointer and win the game.I just wanted to think about it after the game ended.These things," Durant said.

When talking about Stephen Curry,Durant said:"Curie's three-pointer in the fourth quarter was the most important shot.He didn't feel remorse when he shot it.That's why I like him."

When talking about today's victory,Durant said:"To continue training tomorrow and find out better game plans.I just try to be the best teammate I can.I try to be aggressive and I The main concern is defensive intensity and rebounding.We stay calm throughout the game.I like the support my teammates give me.We all support each other in a very childlike manner.I think this is rare because we are professional players."

When talking about whether this game is similar to the third game of last year's finals,Durant said:"This is not the same game,not the same season,the team's feeling is different.Everything is different ."

In this game,Durant played 43 minutes,15 of 23 shots,43 points,13 rebounds,7 assists and 1 steal.Curry played 39 minutes,3 of 16 shots,11 points,5 rebounds and 6 assists.
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