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Complete WoW TBC Classic Professions Guide

Complete WoW TBC Classic Professions Guide
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In WoW TBC Classic, the importance of making powerful equipment is increasing, so the importance of the profession is obvious. Throughout the Classic, most of the crafting professions are dedicated to the manufacture of consumables, and the top guilds require engineering, because engineers can use explosives to increase DPS during raids.

However, this has changed in TBC. Other professions gain great value by providing elaborate equipment unique to that profession. Due to the drums of war, all raids in TBC require leatherworking, but some changes implemented by Blizzard will make it require only a few players instead of everyone.

All major crafting professions provide value for at least one profession or specialization. Here are some of the biggest reasons to use each profession.


The one-handed mace Dragonmaw is one of the most powerful crafting items in TBC. Because of this, most melee professions will forge as one of their professions.

Mace can also be upgraded throughout TBC so that warriors and shamans can maintain this career throughout the expansion process.

In addition, blacksmiths can make gold by making various items, such as weapon stones, weapon chains, and temporary armor gains for items.


This profession is highlighted in TBC by a ring enchant that only enchanters can benefit from. It is only slightly better than what everyone can get, so it may not be the decisive factor for you to enchant or not.

The biggest reason to enchant is to make gold by enchanting other people's equipment or helping your guild. Most guilds hope that at least one guild enchanter can absorb all the valuable enchanting formulas dropped in the raid. This is no different in the classics.

Enchanting will also become the first choice for those who run a large number of five-person dungeons and obtain loot they don't need. The dropped equipment can be decomposed and turned into more valuable materials, which can be used to enchant the equipment.


Alchemy in TBC is a powerful profession for making WOW TBC Classic Gold. Conversions like Primal Might are of great value throughout the game, and in the early days, many players will be willing to spend a lot of gold to obtain them.

This class has gained extra utility from the newly launched Cauldrons, which can provide complete raids with important protection potions. The new alchemy stone can be used as a trinket, which is useful to the healer in certain situations.

Most players with alchemists will only do this to make potions and transforms. This is not necessarily the profession of the main character that many players want them to raid.


The project lost some value in TBC. But just because it is not mandatory does not mean that it does not have all the explosive toys before.

Explosives, engineers, and grenade items are still useful throughout TBC, and PvP players will hope to get craftable engineering goggles that can improve invisibility detection.

Although these goggles were unusable at the beginning of TBC, it is expected that when they are available in future patches, many players will revert to engineering so that they can catch up to the pesky stealth course in arena games.


Jewelcrafting is mainly a money-making course. There are certain gems in TBC that only jewelers can use, but they are only slightly better than others.

This class is also very attractive to PvPers, because the Shadow Song Leopard jewelry can not only increase stealth detection, but also can be used to greatly increase attack power.

This jewelry is considered to be one of the best jewelry for thieves, and thieves are the top class in the arena.


This profession was once considered a prerequisite for every predator in TBC, but Blizzard’s changes to Drums of Battle have greatly weakened this class.

Some professions will still use this profession in the early days to make some handmade products and armor upgrades, but leatherworking is mainly used for battle drums.

Despite being weakened, the raid still hopes that there will be at least one leather worker in each group of raids. In general, this means that you need to have at least five raiders capable of leather processing in a 25-person raid.


Tailoring will become the first choice for dressing professions like Warlock, which is the strongest DPS profession in TBC.

This class provides a lot of powerful pre-raid equipment, and provides the best two-piece Spellstrike suit for the warlock.

At the same time, tailors can make three special fabrics, similar to the classic moon cloth, which can be used to make various items and equipment. Just like Mooncloth, all three types of cloth have a cooling time of multiple days, so they will be highly sought after early in the first phase. Now you can buy cheap WoW Classic TBC Gold directly on https://www.z2u.com/wow-classic-tbc/Gold-1-13024, which will save you more time
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