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Continue to play in the NBA following the completion of a year










Continue to play in the NBA following the completion of a year
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But if you're just a casual player do not worry about it. All three modes offer plenty to do and meandering from one to another isn't a problem unless you really wish to be competitive with other players.

If you're already a top-of-the-line MyTeam player, this guide doesn't apply to you. It's likely that you already have the skills needed to compete online. For those who are new to the game (or those who require refreshers) playing offline mode like Triple Threat Offline and Domination will do two, very helpful things.

First, you're getting in practice. It's obvious that tricks that work against the CPU won't perform as well against humans, however, you are practicing your shot's timing and that's crucial. Another important factor is that you're bolstering up your team with great players by offering rewards.

Starting with a starter team , and then trying to be competitive against other players in Triple Threat Online or Unlimited is a challenge. If you do want to make the jump to online play, try the new Draft mode, or getting into Limited where the rosters of other players will be capped on their ratings.

It's simple, Trae Young is far and away the best starter player on MyTeam of this time, especially when you've heeded our last step and starting playing offline. Young starts out as a relatively unassuming PG, however, he quickly develops (upgrades) into a deadly shooter with great speed for the early game.

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