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Hernan Gomez I believe my playing time will come










Hernan Gomez I believe my playing time will come
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The Knicks center Guillermo (www.lolga.com) Hernan Gómez participated in a charity bowling match at Chelsea Wharf in New York today to raise funds for Dream Garden Fund, according to the News Daily.

"If we can do a little more, we can have a huge impact on our children and affect those who need it," said Hernan Gomez.

With the close of the February trading deadline, Hernán Gomez's name has also been appearing in trading rumors.

When asked if he was willing to be traded without a chance to play, Hernan Gomez said: "I'm ready to deal with everything and I just want to play."

"I love my team mate, I love being a part of the team and I love New York, so I believe my playing time will come," Hernan Gomez said.

Hernan Gomez only 23 years old this year, last season, Hernan Gomez had a flash point, he first made 22 games, averaging 18.4 minutes, can get 8.2 points and 7 rebounds.

In April last year, Hernán Gomez was named the rookie of the month on the eastern part of the NBA All-Rookie Team and was named the NBA Rookie of the Best team for a while. So far this season, he played 9.5 minutes a game, able to get 4.6 points and 2.9 rebounds.

"The best rookie of the year, the rookie of the month, I have more playing time last season and everything is different," Hernan Gomez said. "But I've been training hard and waiting for myself As time comes, I hope it will come and I must be patient. "

When Hernán Gomez was asked if he thought everything would be done before the trade deadline, he said: "I think until then everything will be clear."
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