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I really couldn't envision anything better than to see added into RuneScape












I really couldn't envision anything better than to see added into RuneScape
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This will be the first time that RuneScape will be available in a different way than a digital one which is something Jagex chief executive Phil Mansell is excited about:

"After nearly 21 years of being exclusively available digitally, it's an absolute pleasure to work with Steamforged to design and publish RuneScape adventure-based tabletop games...I believe that RuneScape and old school RuneScape players will be ecstatic to own the miniatures they've been planning to use to create their own stories."

If you want to make the switch from tabletop to video game and want to make the switch, then Steamforged Games is the perfect partner for you to make the transition. The board game lover has transformed a variety of video game titles into tabletops like Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil and Dark Souls. As it is the one at the helm this latest RuneScape project is bound to please players older and younger.

RuneScape 3 has been a significant improvement from how RuneScape was. It was a long time ago that RuneScape offered a basic point-and-click combat style. Other than the ability to make use of the Special Attack with certain weapons the combat experience was pretty static experience for players. It was the Evolution of Combat update changed the entire experience, offering a myriad of options to players' arsenals.

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