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I'm not aware of before the time of the Cardinals RB












I'm not aware of before the time of the Cardinals RB
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Someone was about to be the one to make the call, which is Pittsburgh. This is the biggest "boom or bust" QB free agent signing available, but it's clear the Steelers put a cap on this potential madness.

The signing doesn't preclude the Steelers from hiring a new QB in the draft, and employing Trubisky as a bridge player, although I think there are better bridge QBs in Jameis Winston and Teddy Bridgewater. The goal with Mitch can be the Bears actually were the ones to blame for his lack of performance and that he could have an improvement similar to Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee.

We'll wait to see how that does not work out. At the moment, it's hard to determine the grade until we've seen the actual cash. Anything over 10 million dollars a year is ridiculous.It's a lot money, but Ogbah is well worth the investment. The 28-year-old defensive player is coming off back-to back 9.0 seasons of sacks with the Dolphins and also a respectable 77.0 ratings from PFF this past season.

There's no doubt that Ogbah has been a defensive foundation for the Dolphins, and keeping him was vital to the first year achievement and success of Mike McDaniel as head coach. If Miami let this drag out I'm certain that the cost would have risen which is why I believe from top to bottom this is a really good deal.

This is a move that I appreciate significantly less. The issue isn't the player in this instance, it's signing an offensive lineman to a free agent contract that is more lucrative than his performance. Edmonds has been a decent all-purpose running back however nothing exceptional.

I'm not aware of before the time of the Cardinals RB to be one of the five best rushers currently available, and I believe that his talent could have easily been selected in the draft. I would rather had the Dolphins spend more on players with great potential such as Rashaad Penny rather than hand Edmonds more than $6 million per year.

I really, truly like this move due to what it will do for the rest of Cincinnati's free-agent. My biggest worry was that the team would make use of its vast amount of cap space to sign a couple of major name players, and not take a wholistic method of negotiating the market.

Cappa who was the former Buccaneers guard, is solid value at just $10 million for his level of production. He's a huge upgrade on the offensive line and needs to be re-worked to help Joe Burrow, and I like the fact that he's not eating all the cap space can tie the Bengals with their hands.

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