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Mmoexp Skull and Bones Items: Experiment with different ship types












Mmoexp Skull and Bones Items: Experiment with different ship types
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Specializing in Ships: Experiment with different ship types and weapon combinations to tailor your playstyle. Each ship has unique attributes suited for various combat scenarios, from explosive barrages to devastating ramming tactics.

No Furniture Stacking: Note that you can only equip one piece of furniture per slot on your ship. Maximize benefits by diversifying your furniture selections rather than stacking identical pieces.

Upgrade the Crowbar to Farm Shipwrecks
Shipwrecks contain valuable materials and silver. Upgrade your crowbar, obtained from the tutorial quest, to farm shipwrecks more efficiently. Higher-level tools are required for certain shipwrecks, so prioritize upgrading them at Pirate Dens.

Offloading Materials: Manage cargo efficiently by offloading excess materials at pirate dens or caches found in outposts. This frees up valuable cargo space for loot and other essential resources.

Check Trade Routes: Explore trade routes marked on the world map to locate valuable crafting materials transported by merchant ships. Intercept these ships to acquire rare materials and bolster your supplies.

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