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Mmoexp Skull and Bones Items: How to Determine Wind Direction












Mmoexp Skull and Bones Items: How to Determine Wind Direction
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How to Determine Wind Direction: Monitor the wind direction indicated by the arrow on your ship's speed dial. Sailing with the wind (green arrow) boosts speed, while sailing against it (red arrow) slows you down. Adjust your sails accordingly to optimize travel efficiency.

Raising Ship Rank: Upgrade your ship's weapons, hull, and equipment to increase its rank. Higher-ranked ships are crucial for surviving encounters with tougher enemies later in the game.
Skull and Bones Guide – Mastering the High Seas with 15 Essential Tips

Skull and Bones has finally arrived, thrusting you into a world of piracy and plunder on the vast open seas. As you embark on your journey to become the most feared captain, mastering the intricacies of ship management.

Specializing in Ships: Experiment with different ship types and weapon combinations to suit your playstyle. Each ship offers unique advantages, such as explosive capabilities or ramming strength, so tailor your choices to match your preferred tactics.

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