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Mmoexp Skull and Bones Items: Sell Commodities in Demand












Mmoexp Skull and Bones Items: Sell Commodities in Demand
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Discover shipwrecks scattered across the seas to gather valuable materials and silver. Upgrade your crowbar, obtained from tutorial quests, to unlock and plunder shipwrecks efficiently. Regularly visit Pirate Dens to upgrade tools for better loot yields.
5. Auto Harvest

Simplify resource gathering by enabling Auto Harvest in the options menu. This feature automates the harvesting process, eliminating the need for precise timing during mini-games. It's slower but reduces the chance of harvesting errors.
6. Sell Commodities in Demand

Monitor market demands in settlements to maximize profits from selling commodities. Items in high demand fetch better prices, indicated by green arrows. Avoid selling during low-demand periods (red arrows) to optimize your silver earnings.
7. How to Determine Wind Direction

Utilize wind direction indicators on your ship's speed dial to optimize sailing efficiency. Sailing with the wind (green arrow) increases speed, while sailing against it (red arrow) slows you down. Adjust your sails accordingly to navigate swiftly across the seas.

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