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Ramirez willing to join Inter Milan but I am still Suning player










Ramirez willing to join Inter Milan but I am still Suning player
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Brazilian midfielder Ramirez admitted (www.lolga.com) he would be happy to move to Inter Milan, but "I'm still a Suning player in Jiangsu and I have to focus on preparing for them."

Nerazzurri and Suning Jiangsu belong to the Suning Group's club, the rumors about the Brazilian players will join Inter Milan recently heard endless. As Inter can not spend heavily in January signings, it is learned that Ramirez may join the Nerazzurri in the form of free lending until the end of the season.

"I'm here to prepare and let's see what happens," Ramirez, who is preparing to pre-season with Suning in Marbella, told SKY. "If Inter's talk with my agent is positive If a giants show interest in me, that means I'm doing great.I am glad to go to Inter Milan, but is still a player in Jiangsu, I must focus on preparing for them and I hope I can prepare Soon to participate in the competition. "

"As for my salary, this depends not only on me, it's a multifaceted issue, and the negotiations must be satisfying for everyone. I hope we can reach an agreement, who knows if I can join Inter, and I do not (Inter coach Spalletti said I never met him when Inter came to China, but as a coach I came to know him before he came to Inter coach.

"I'm very happy to have such a soccer expert focus on me, but if I want to return to Europe, I have to keep playing the ball here."
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