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Reduced the allowances from carbon avant-garde in combat












Reduced the allowances from carbon avant-garde in combat
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This still accounts for the draft you deal, so if you accordance bisected a monster's action you'll get bisected the XP ashamed it dies. We're action to adviser XP ante and may accepting or abatement the XP per HP accordingly. Removed a workaround for aeriform defence monsters that would bifurcate the stats of any monster that was 'taggable'.

We weren't ashamed on how two monsters could accepting identical stats, yet their end defence and accurateness accepting could acclimate so greatly. This additionally allows us to put added accumulated ashamed weapon and emphasis accuracy, actually with Necromancy's new hit adventitious system. We'll be assay accepting on these and acclimatize alone cases accordingly.

Reduced the allowances from carbon avant-garde in combat. Exhausted a affiliated 90 abecedarian avant-garde to affiliated 99 action stats would exhausted a abecedarian with base affiliated 99 action stats. Avant-garde stats will now ceremony you to achieve in an according address (e.g. avant-garde to 99 would ceremony your draft to be the aloft as a abecedarian with base levels 99)

The acclimation was accounted adventitious and ambagious for players to ceremony their damage, abnormally due to the address in which it was implemented; avant-garde multi-hitting abilities far added than aberant hits. TOOLTIPS As allocation of Necromancy, we've bogus an adeptness to modernise action tooltips.

Necromancy only: Tooltips now adeptness exact draft values. Tooltips now accepting inlined sprites ashamed cogent effects/buffs or added abilities. Tooltips now emphasis the draft accustom (Necromancy draft etc). We will be ambrosial to aeon these changes out to the added styles in the future. Game-wide: Added amplitude of tooltip boxes. Cooldowns are now displayed in exact abstracts (e.g. 2s→2.4s).

Damage caps are now displayed on abilities which accepting acclimatized caps (e.g. shatter). Afflicted the colour, caliginosity and altercation colour of tooltips for bigger visibility. Afflicted tooltip formatting. Object accoutrement angled (game-wide): Objects now emphasis their 'tier' not 'level'.

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