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So not considering the display

So not considering the display
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Isn't that mostly for defense training though? I will keep this in mind after but does anybody have some advantage recommendations? Have u thought on taking some armour their then when u low on health cure up and put your other amour again if so I recomend just some chest and d legs or somthing idk.

So not considering the display and doing your assignments while still fleshies are agg... is not AFKing... unless it exceeds 5 mins. If you are at your computer, it is ok. Should you move away to do assignments, it is not. It doesn't even matter. To be frankly honest, considering they DO autolog you even when you are in combat at say, bandits, giant lions and the other AFK'capable training spots, I do not think anybody has gotten banned - and it wouldn't even be bannable, I would assume - from AFK'ing.

It's not like Jagex has a video camera of you while you are playing. But, yeah, if you go away then yes technically you are AFK but browsing youtube while fishing, or even doing homework while fishing is fine. Thanks! This is the kind of answer I was searching for. What I have learned:If I am still there, it's alright. If I depart for a minute for the bath or something, it is alright.

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