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The Fact That There Are So Many Good












The Fact That There Are So Many Good
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I don't think EA knows what a potential gem they have in franchise mode. This is sometimes as big as fantasy football if they would treat it with that mindset. Franchise is a feature that is nice. For constructed for large groups franchise is an awesome feature that can rake in $$. Give commissioners more power to stop or punish cheating and also to control transactions, mend the commerce logic, more complex contracts, allow us to scrimmage each other in practice mode.shit allow us to scrimmage the pc in practice mode so we are able to practice plays with our personnel rather than running one play against one defense and then having to manually restart every new play.

For fantasy drafts allow us make a draft lottery or to place the draft order. For drafts and dream drafts make the interface more user friendly. Allow us to readily look at other selections and needs to identify trade targets. Computer commerce offers, player go on strategy matches hold outs and create evaluations lively based on scheme.

Permit us to make our own schemes and create the default option playbook a playbook! Have the option make an owner think about jacking ticket and food prices up. If a trainer can get terminated why can't an owner go bankrupt? These are spitball ideas off the top of my head but that I bought madden 20 (first madden for me because M16) to play a group of friends on an internet franchise, nothing else.

I don't have any interest in buying madden 21. I have been taking that I'm not buying shit but I always end up falling for the hype. Feels different this year. Some of the comments I'm hearing from the beta tells me it's going to be another series with gameplay. Let's see how many madden lovers are simply truly fed up with Madden 21 and just skip it this year. I shit deeply into MUT and they stopped supporting that as well. I attempted franchise it's just too dull. And that's the way they push you.

Madden 21 Throw Power

To throw a football 100 yards, a QB would have to throw the ball and have it maintain a speed of at least 69 MPH until it hits the dirt (and of course he would need the arm power to even have it clear the whole field). Throwing a football at 69 MPH is all but impossible because of the casting movement and dimensions of a mean football. If a QB could throw the ball 100 yards, it would have occurred in the previous 100 decades. Quarterbacks could be getting quicker and better, but arm strength and throw space is something that has stayed basically the same since the forward pass became more mainstream.

Check out www.mmoexp.com for more details.
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