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Have the opportunity to become a special player










Have the opportunity to become a special player
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The Knicks president Steve Mills and general NBA Live Mobile Coins manager Scott Perry participated in an event today.Later,they shared dinner with Oklahoma University guard Trey Young.

"He is a very attractive player with a remarkable talent," said Mills.

"Tray is a bit taller than he looks on the court," Mills said."You look at the results he has played around those players and his performance at the beginning of the season.You Have to say,this guy has the opportunity to become a special player."

When asked about Trey Yang's ability to pass,Mills said: "When I saw him playing during the NCAA tournament,it was the first time I saw him on the court.I was really transferred by him.The way was amazing.He could see everything happening on the court.He was willing to hand over the ball and participate in the fast break.It was really impressive."

Trey Yang will conduct a trial for the Knicks alone.In this regard,Mills said that this can provide more information for the team.

"I thought for myself,for a player,a pair of zero training is even more difficult," Mills said."Because you're tired,there's no time for rest.You have to make your own breaks.For the players,if you are in a bad state,your performance in a pair of zero training will not be so good.I can understand why brokers do not want their customers to fight against others,this is part of the process,from From a player's point of view,this will be even more difficult."

"We see this private trial as an opportunity.This is an opportunity for us to understand more about them.We have a deeper understanding of the 30-minute interview we had during our joint trial training in Chicago.We are very much looking forward to it.This is A good opportunity to understand these players," said Mills.

"We want to see how they will be guided.When you have dinner with them many times and interact with our players,we can (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-CP4SvuGVxNK0B7pKLR6w ) understand more about their people and whether they will fit into what we are trying to do.Mills said.
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