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Manchester City still undecided whether Vincent Kompany get testimonial for 10-year stay










Manchester City still undecided whether Vincent Kompany get testimonial for 10-year stay
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Manchester City will mark Vincent Kompany’s 10-year stay with the club next season – however they are still undecided on whether or not to award the Belgian a testimonial. Kompany, who joined the Blues in the £6million deal from Hamburg in August 2008, admitted is seeking to stay with City in certain capacity when he retires. He has 1 . 5 years left on his current contract and said that he is yet to uncover whether he's going to become the very first City player since Paul Lake two decades ago to become granted a testimonial. City sources are looking at the top way to celebrate work in Manchester containing seen the 31-year-old win two Premier League titles, two League Cups plus the FA Cup. Kompany may not receive a testimonial.
Kompany said: “I’ve got 1 . 5 years left and I’m in the completely stress free position. “I’m on ideal terms while using club, the fans, the manager, it’s not something I’m about to bring up until the past day of my contract either. “My key thing now could be let’s ensure that those 1 . 5 years are the most effective they is usually and as we will see through which capacity I could be involved. “I are invariably involved being a fan, as being a player, being a manager, being a technical director, to be a groundsman, it doesn’t matter. Kompany has developed a return to build in recent weeks.
“Whichever way the club sees me helping them out.” Kompany is yet to make a decision whether he'll quit international football after leading Belgium in the World Cup. He added: “I have said it’s highly likely but I haven’t confirmed because I don’t would like to make a call too soon. “And when we go out from the group stages I might just say, ‘I need another go only at that!’” Don't hesitate, there're cheap FIFA Mobile Coins available for purchase in https://www.mmoah.com/fifa-mobile
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