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McCollum Tonight is the majority of shots have entered










McCollum Tonight is the majority of shots have entered
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Trail Blazers beat the Bulls 124-108 in today's race, Portland Trail Blazers CJ-McCollum debut 29 minutes, 25 of 18 voted 50 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists.

Speaking after the game scored 28 points in the Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online first section, McCollum said: "teammates did a good job, so I got a seat, I got some good shot early opportunity, our offensive system is constantly moving, I can hit some jumpers and one-third and once I see the ball, I know it will be a good night. "

Speaking of how to keep his offensive firepower all night long, McCollum said: "I just tried to play offensive and use my opponent's defense to give me the chance. I've been upgrading my game to improve my various shots. There are three points in the fast break, most of the ball tonight, haha. "

Speaking of his free throw 8 of 8, McCollum said: "I try to make some physical contact, I went to the free throw line, several of my teammates said, do not panic, play a good performance, once I see the first The ball into the, I know the second one will enter, is constantly repeated. "

Speaking of fans, McCollum said: "They are great. I really appreciate their support for me throughout my career. I did a bad job at the beginning and was hurt. They are very patient with me. I am very grateful. Hope to continue winning, looking forward to playing this season a long time. "
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