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MU Legend is different from old MU online










MU Legend is different from old MU online
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Both MU Legend and MU Online are games developed by webzen, so it is common for players to compare these two games together. It is noteworthy that, MU online is a traditional MMORPG, but MU Legend is an ARPG game, so it is clear you can see the difference between the two games on the screen. MU Legend gave me the first impression is very similar to Diablo 3, with a large number of skills, different career building, rich exploration of content is very interesting.

In addition, MU Legend in this game, the equipment is very important, a direct impact on the character's combat power. Generally speaking, the higher your combat power, the stronger your role, and the high combat power has a tremendous advantage in your copy. The main source of equipment is obtained through a copy, but if you are not fighting enough hard copy, access to equipment will become very difficult. So buying the gear you need right at the auction house with MU Legend Zen is a great option, saving you a lot of time.

My friends are all buying the cheap MU Legend Zen via mmoah this site, they all said they have a very good shopping experience, so now I recommend to you. For more information on MU Legend Zen, please visit mmoah's official website https://www.mmoah.com/
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