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Powell absence is a very important reason










Powell absence is a very important reason
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Lakers rookie point guard Lanzo - Bauer suffered (www.lolga.com) the first training since the left shoulder injury. Ball expects the team to play him against the Hornets this Saturday.

Bauer said in an interview: "I feel very good, and not 100% recovery, but the situation is manageable. I play to participate in the training, I am very happy to be able to come back to participate in most of the training ... hope ball The team can get me out of the game. "

Bauer said his collision with his shoulder would be his biggest problem. Bauer said: "I will feel the collision with the shoulder, but I hope I can still play.Most cases, just a collision will have an impact, I will overcome this situation play ... I think I It will be certain that we will return before we reach 100%, and as I said, I hope they will be able to approve me tomorrow, but we will see how things are going. "

Lakers coach Luke - Wharton said Bauer looks good, he pitched some key goals in the team training.

Wharton was asked how much the team's current losing streak can be attributed to Powell's absence. Wharton replied: "He is a very important reason, for us, he is not just a very talented player ... ... as we have been saying, he made his teammates even better, which That's why the Lakers value him so much and everyone plays better from center to shooting guard when playing Powell. "

"The most surprising strength Powell has for us this season is his defense, his height, wingspan, and anticipation, which can disrupt our opponents' passes, so we miss him , But we should do better, even though Bauer is not there, "said Wharton.

Powell has been absent for six consecutive games. Powell averaged 33.9 minutes this season, scoring 10.0 points, 6.9 rebounds, 7.1 assists, 1.35 steals and 1.00 blocks.
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