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Named the Most Popular Colors Shades in Cars?












Named the Most Popular Colors Shades in Cars?
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Every third car in the world (38%) was painted white last year, and every fifth (19%) was black. This is indicated in a new study by the manufacturer of paints and varnishes Axalta Coating Systems.

The third in the list of the most popular shades of cars according to the results of 2019 was gray, it accounted for 19% of the market. Silver cars were even less interesting - only 10% of customers chose them.

It is noteworthy that in China the proportion of white tint is higher than in other states (57%), and in Europe, on the contrary, more often the choice is grayed out. The most paradoxical statistics on the North American market, where the proportion of the red tint is higher than the world as a whole.

On average, about 80% of new cars are painted in “neutral” shades: white, black, gray and silver. In the Russian Federation, the share of such flowers is the lowest in the world (70%), but in the Russian car market more often than elsewhere, cars in beige and brown shades acquire. Toyota talks about the future of its sub-brands GR and TRD Performance

As it turned out, the special units of the Japanese brand http://www.carzaamin.com/blog/japanese-used-cars-for-sale-in-pakistan/, which are engaged in the creation of more productive versions of Toyota production models, can exist in parallel to each other. We are talking about the sub-brands GR and TRD Performance.

For 40 years, the division of the Japanese automaker, which has received the designation Toyota Racing Development or abbreviated TRD, has been a court tuning studio of the company, which is engaged in the creation of more productive versions of serial cars of the brand. These guys are developing superchargers, compressors, suspension elements and much more. And I must say that such versions of conventional models are very popular - take for example a Tacoma pickup truck or a 4Runner SUV. The same goes for the Camry and Avalon luxury sedans - these two cars also look more aggressive in TRD versions.

But in 2017, the Japanese automaker introduced another sub-brand that will be engaged in the creation of more powerful versions of Toyota models http://www.carzaamin.com/blog/honda-civic-for-sale-in-lahore-pakistan/ - we are talking about Gazoo Racing or GR. It is worth noting that the newly minted company released a more “wicked” version of the Yaris hatchback (pictured), which boasts all-wheel drive and a 257-horsepower engine.

In a recent interview, Toyota Vice President of Marketing, Ed Lauks, said that both performance sub-brands can coexist in some countries simultaneously with each other, in particular the United States.

While TRDs are more advanced and improved versions of Toyota's regular models, cars made with the GR prefix are made in many ways different from regular Toyota.
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