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Open A Sex Doll Brothel With A Sex Worker












Open A Sex Doll Brothel With A Sex Worker
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We talked to the owners of these Japanese sex dolls

In our special report "Open" that explores the intersection of sex and technology, we talked to the owners of these Japanese sex doll and found that most people have created unique personalities for their dolls and see them as more than just sex Objects are also considered emotional objects-even companions. Many are excited about the prospect of using AI to help bring fantasy into life.


I am not a shy person. I used to be with some sex dolls. I must let you know that I redouble my efforts and earn a considerable income. I'm what some people call rich young people (you can say so). I'm free and I'm fine. I do things my own way, and I'm almost always happy. But I did make a big mistake.

And then this; replacing dead loved ones. Customers can specify what color the eyes and hair of the TPE sex doll robot they want. "Marcusson wrote in a statement to the Huffington Post:" These people care about dolls in particular and respect them like dear friends. "They like them like physical things with more presence and personality." "

The photos were taken in a factory in Guangdong, where the robots were assembled by workers at the Chinese company WM DOLL. In February 2018, Steven Crowford, a 25-year-old from Scotland, decided to run a brothel with a sex worker-a D cup sex doll. He wanted to charge customers £ 60 an hour, but the brothel closed a few days after it opened and the owner removed all contacts from the site.


Liu Ding, a 40-year-old product manager at the plant, said: "We started by focusing on chat features, and then we thought we could develop robots in a better way.

But that has a dark side. People believe that they have established a real connection with GYNOID doll, as if they are talking to them, and even some people have even acted in disgust and violence against them, this is the story of a story.

But that's not what he said at all. He is getting closer and closer to me. Putting his hand on my shoulder, close to my ear, is like talking gossip or sharing a secret.


"sex doll" He whispered softly and confidently. Then blinked and left with a smile. Stanley is the owner of "Official Sex Dolls," one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of pregnant sex doll. She is only 4 years old. She was a mother a few years ago and started out as a rental company, but lost investment when people refused to return the dolls.


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