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You Will Be Able to Request A Conversation with Sex Doll












You Will Be Able to Request A Conversation with Sex Doll
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Sex dolls can interact more intimately with you

Sexual robot brothel fundraising only fell 1% after earning a target of only £123,000.The founder's visionary sex doll robot dream will become the world's first consent-centered robotic brothel - but the punter failed to cough.

Users will enter a public chat room where they will be able to request a conversation or a specific action from the bot. Alternatively, the user can bring the robot into a private camera session where they can interact with her more "intimately".


In the future, he hopes that sex dolls are compatible with artificial intelligence, allowing users to imitate real-time sexual intercourse with her. The urdolls website launches a realistic TPE doll - the world's first SEX ROBOT, you can get 'dirty' through the camera. Like a live photographer, a sex doll robot can perform various moves in real time, including dancing, shaking, and even fool

Everyone should buy their own "inserts" that they must place in the robotic aperture of their choice. According to this activity, both the vagina and the anus can be used. The documentary is investigating the ethics behind sex robot brothels and sex dolls. Fundraising is now over. It is unclear whether they will take other steps to raise cash for brothels.

He contacted a porn star who created the world's commercial silicone doll robot and got their permission to post her photos on the app. In an interview with the Daily Star, he revealed that up to 56% of respondents said they are sure or may live in harmony.

At the same time, having a sexual relationship with one of the robots in a £11,000 robot and “knowing her personality” in a private public booth will return the customer to $122 (£97). The Japanese-style sex doll spins and drinks at her X-level bride's gift.

He and their mother planned a gorgeous bride gift for sex dolls, with a huge wall and bar, and saxophone players performing while dancing, drinking and having fun. The world's first personality love robot acquired his profile - and won an amazing number of games. A filmmaker uploaded a sex robot to the dating app as an experiment for his new documentary and won him " Matching" the number is shocked

The sex robot head is under development and can move, talk and even control your air conditioner. The urdolls doll announced that it is developing a second generation robot head that will add a whole new level of intimacy. A sex doll makes him look a bit like Billie is about to become her husband's Greg. Sam said: "This is Roger - he looks like Greg, because his long legs are very thin." Hearing one of the revelers said: "Give us a c cup and a ball!"

Moreover, fans like to see their favorite former Ming who claimed to be a cult leader. He previously insisted that the brothel would respect the rights of robots and is keen to do so to avoid "future robot rebellion."


Like a live photographer, a d cup sex doll can perform a variety of moves in real time, including dancing, shaking, and even a fool. The doll can also move her neck and follow the sound, and complete a series of human-like movements, including blinking or nodding. . And strangely, the head can even control equipment such as air conditioning or lighting in the home. She said the staff will receive a living wage and she is passionate about working with the Los Angeles County authorities to create a safe and healthy environment.

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