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Signal jammer: protect yourself in the age of advanced networks












Signal jammer: protect yourself in the age of advanced networks
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There are many applications of GPS navigation technology in the field of life. Global satellite positioning technology has greatly promoted the development of human society. Moreover, due to its functional positioning and navigation functions, it is powerful enough to track a person and even monitor its movements is very dangerous , So GPS jammer is used in some important activities.

If you don’t know the frequency of these trackers, don’t worry. There are many types of GPS jammers-some of them block GPS L1, while others can block multiple jammers at the same time. Of course, there are many high-end models that can block any tracking frequency (GPS L1 L2 L5, GLONASS, Galileo, compass, etc.). If you want to ensure that you are not "followed", you can choose these tools. Of course, these devices are not expensive and can be purchased for tens of dollars, so you don't have to worry too much about the price. Of course, GPS jammers can help you keep GPS tracking.


Wifi network is an indispensable important network signal, no matter in life or work, we are very dependent on wifi network. We often see such scenes in restaurants and dessert shops. Often a young man asks the boss what the wifi password is, or enter a place, first turn on the wifi, find the wifi network and password, this is the vast majority People’s habits reflect the impact of wifi on people’s lives. 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ frequencies are normal wireless signal frequencies.

There is no doubt that WiFi networks have brought us a lot of convenience, so we can easily access the Internet. We know that by using a router, WiFi can be widely used. They are great gadgets because the Internet can spread with their help. You only need to set them, you can set the home network password in them. You can connect as many computers as possible to the network. Of course, sometimes you can only connect to a limited number of devices, up to 5 or 10 devices.


When people go to restaurants, cafes and other places, they may ask if there is WiFi. They have become accustomed to WiFi networks, and with WiFi, many people will be accustomed to playing with mobile phones and ignore communication. Maybe you are one of the people who hate these things, you need to relax a little bit, forget all the annoying wireless networks, and need time to communicate with people. Or are you just worried about the information available on the wireless network? Fortunately, you can solve this problem with a small tool called wlan jammer. The wifi jammer can be stored in your pocket or installed somewhere in your home (depending on your current choice-desktop or portable).
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