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Suit underwear
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The pivotal moment came in 2010, when or Claret flew to Sydney Fashion Week to meet with new brands. From there, the business “snowballed into a different machine”.

Spencer-Churchill recalls: “In the beginning it was very UK-focused. International growth only really started once we started getting bigger brands such as Zimmermann, Mara Hoffman and Camilla – ones that had existing European stockists – by which point we were all set up in an office and knew vaguely what we were doing.”

Jordana Sexton, brand [b][URL=http://www.bitittan.com/]corset style bra[/URL][/b] and sales director at Australian label Bec & Bridge, has worked with the team for four seasons: “We visited many showrooms and distributors over the years but never felt any were quite right for the brand until we came across Claret,” she says. “As an agency they really take brands under their wing.”

Chantelle McGunnigle, sales [b][URL=http://www.pupms.com/]womens bikinis sale[/URL][/b] manager at US resortwear brand Pitusa, says Claret has increased its UK sales by 200% since it began working together three years ago: “It’s hard to find people as genuine and hardworking – they aren’t just looking out for themselves.”

Claret Showroom was named Fashion Distributor of the Year at the Drapers Independents [b][URL=http://www.suitunderwear.com/]suit underwear[/URL][/b] Awards in 2016 for its “clear niche, impressive financials and an excellent reputation”, while the launch of Splash showed “real innovation”.
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