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A Mystery Ball game still works with the principles of FIFA












A Mystery Ball game still works with the principles of FIFA
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While Leonidas Stergiou is a viable budget CB option, he will end up needing a partner in central defense sooner rather than later. Josko Gvardiol is the perfect candidate for that job, as not only is he a young, high-potential center-back, but he also possesses the qualities that Stergiou lacks. With starting acceleration and sprint speed stats of 78 and 87. he will have no problem catching up even with the fastest strikers in the game, and his overall physicality rating of 83 will ensure that he does not get easily trampled by bulky attackers, the likes of Adama Traore or Robert Lewandowski.

This 20-year-old Japanese midfielder who currently plays for RCD Mallorca already has the stats of a world-class player, despite being a little rough around the edges in terms of things like crossing (61) or long shots (60). With a potential of 88. it's pretty much guaranteed that these shortcomings will improve over time, and even at the very start of the game, Kubo is a player that any manager would love to have on their team.

89-rated acceleration, 86 agility and 85 dribbling stats are all one needs to know about Takefusa Kubo to realize that his skillset can be used to startle opponents and open up areas of the pitch that other central midfielders simply don't have the ball control skills to gain access to. The only downside is the fact that players interested in his services will need to make an offer of £12.000.000 or more, which is affordable but may require selling some footballers to finance the deal.

Bayern Munich is known for aggressively pursuing young German talents from the earliest stages of their career. It didn't surprise anyone that when the Bavarian club secured the signature of Jamal Musiala, he started proving his worth on the field right away. This young left midfielder already has the ball control skills of a football superstar, and with the capacity to reach an 88 overall rating, he can become the hottest thing in European football in three seasons or less.

Financing the transfer of Jamal Musiala to a lower-division side can be a difficult achievement to pull off, but some of the teams in the Championship (especially the recently-relegated Premier League sides) do have the funds to make it happen. As a young player in a team full of superstars, promising Musiala a crucial role in the squad may be the main factor convincing him to leave Bayern for a lower-tiered club.

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