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Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans










Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans
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In World of Warcraft news that's always beneficial to a few hundred comments, it's been said the so-called "legacy" WoW server, Elysium, is shutting down as a result of "failures to uphold the project's ideas and integrity" with one "staff member" taking home about 2,000 Euros a month via PayPal donations. According to a different post using a site called "LightsHope.org", the project's servers are presently down inside hopes which they will relaunch again under new management.

The letter also mentions another staff member of Elysium said to are actually involved in gold selling contributing to support downline being unable to log in to the management server since the initiative was being "covered up". According towards the explanation provided, these along with questionable staffers have stepped down permanently.

For people who may remember, this will be the second incarnation on the original project called Nostalrius which was shut down by Blizzard in 2016 simply to relaunch as Elysium. Light's Hope can be the third version on the "vanilla" version of WoW.

The core team which are stepping down from your Elysium Project are coalescing across the foundational ideals this project should really represent and are also relaunching/rebranding as Lights Hope. The servers are going to be relaunched with all the backups created prior towards the posting in this announcement, though there might be some data not saved that encompasses a couple of hours prior. We apologize to the inconvenience, but there may be nothing we could do to correc any lost items, experience, etc. like a result on this process. The existing realms of Anathema, Darrowshire, and Elysium will likely be hosted when they were directly prior towards the downtime. The server realm names will continue the same for compatibility reasons and we will probably be reorganizing our future plans for how a realms will progress. At now, we now have no intentions of launching type of fresh start server and may be proceeding similarly even as did just before this announcement. Given what has transpired, we will have to have a short amount of time to place our collective heads together and create a baseline and turn into more communicative about our intentions in the years ahead, especially concerning patch timelines and plans for The Burning Crusade. Don't hesitate, there's cheap Warmane Gold available for purchase in https://www.mmoah.com/
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