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If you've played before in MUT you're probably familiar












If you've played before in MUT you're probably familiar
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If you've played before in MUT you're probably familiar with the numerous solo challenges that you can take on to earn rewards in the mode However, they've changed the way they operate this year. You'll now be looking for stars as the most sought-after reward, with each challenge awarding you a certain number of stars that are based on the difficulty and type you choose and a set amount of extra stars you can earn by completing certain tasks within the challenges.

Like all challenges there are challenges that are not made equal. Some require all play in order to be completed and some will require players to play full games against the CPU. If you're only starting out in the game, you can take the "Assemble Your Team Ultimate Trainer" challenges are a suitable place to start as they'll provide you with several gold cards that will allow you to upgrade your team's performance. These are the best players however, they'll be more than what you currently have and will serve as good stopgaps until you're ready to make more enhancements.

The two "NFL Epic" sets of challenges contain lots of challenges that you can complete quickly and will reward you with gold players, which could be in situations of need. It shouldn't take all time to earn enough points to qualify for top Baker Mayfield and Deacon Jones cards that act as anchors for every side. Additionally, you'll rack an impressive collection of coins which is better to save them until you are able to utilize them at an auction house (more on this later).).

In addition there are plenty of other worthy challenges to take on However, be aware that some of them are likely to will take longer to finish. For instance, the "Superstar" challenges are a good example. They may take a bit of time to get to up the required 145 star, but you will be rewarded with an 89-90 NAT player in exchange for your efforts. If you're a huge fan of a specific club or group, then you might be interested in starting"Theme Builder. "Theme Builder" challenges, which will reward you with the best players if you can complete them in a sufficient amount.

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