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The good news for Patriots supporters is












The good news for Patriots supporters is
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The good news for Patriots supporters is that things will improve when Brady returns in Week 5 to face The Cleveland Browns. The Madden simulation demonstrated Brady passing 70.3 percent of the passes he completed and scoring 4 scores and 279 yards, in a blowout 45-0 victory.

CBS Sports simmed the rest of the season. It saw the Patriots continue to finish the regular season with a record of 10-6 just barely past the Bills in the race to win the AFC East. Visit CBS Sports for a full description on this Patriots' Madden simulation, with detailed statistics and more.

In the playoffs the simulation predicted that the Patriots were likely to be able to avenge their loss in Week 4 against the Bills by beating them in their home wild-card game. The season came to an end with a sour note but that the Patriots falling to their rivals the Cincinnati Bengals in the divisional round, as per the simulation.

For fans, it could be the reality that Brady retires at the close this season as per the simulation. It's important to note this: CBS Sports' simulation last year was the same and, of course Brady was 39 and didn't retire.

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