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Sex Dolls Look More Real than Ever

Sex Dolls Look More Real than Ever
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Sex dolls can be mass produced and retailed
Indeed, the cost of masturbation becoming a rented chunk of silica gel is lower than the cost of having sex with a legal prostitute. Will not tell her how much she has accused for a party, citing the solicitation method, but in general, although the rate of sex workers varies greatly according to many factors, the typical "girlfriend experience" or more intimate sexual contact, Spending about $1,000 per hour on competitors is not an unheard of demand for sex workers.


Is 3D printing the standard for mass production of TPE doll? possible. What we know now is that urdolls have proven that sex dolls can be mass produced and retailed at an affordable price, and at the same time look more realistic than ever.

Because of the cost of hiring cleaners and staff to ensure that the dolls are in optimal condition for each use, and to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned and the maintenance of products and facilities, [running doll brothels] is not as cheap as people think," The spokesman said.

“The details are incredible,” she wrote. "My hands are on my ankles. The toes are perfect: small wrinkles on the joints, small ridges on the toenails. The soles cross the fine lines of the human feet. It's beautiful."

Some sex doll robot components have been 3D printed to ensure that each body part is the same size and size, suitable for each model produced. However, customers of sex dolls will not be able to ask their faces to let the supplier copy the celebrities or other women of their choice.

“I think we expect people to have a list of specific things in life... you should meet someone, then you should marry them, then have children, these are very standard masculine societies. Imposing a position. You know, if people want to shake it, I think it's good."

As far as gender robot products are concerned, only AI heads are currently available to supplement silicone dolls. This is not to say that we don’t plan to develop robotics into a full-featured gender robot in the future - the only thing we have to wait for is the release date, which says it will Announced in 2020.

Surprisingly, however, this is not what she said. “We believe that human sex workers always have needs and markets because it is considered one of the oldest professions in the world,” the spokesperson told us, perhaps inadvertently responding to the views of other large companies supporting automated workers. "We don't expect it to be replaced soon."

In a Toronto doll brothel, customers can pay $120 an hour, pay an extra $90 per half hour, and do whatever they want for the staff's six dolls (provided they don't "make" any extra The hole "between them, although people want to know what the chances of doing this." The brothel staff cleaned up the dolls between appointments and prepared for the next customer.


This will be a long time before the sex doll brothel becomes mainstream. Still, with the improvement of technology around artificial intelligence and the brand's development of sex dolls that can convincingly replicate human sexual reactions, sex dolls may one day join the ranks of vibrators and other sex toys, now they have enjoyed These mainstream respects are considered to be complementary to, not threatening to, a healthy and safe sex life. They may even be used as training tools during the party, or how to make male customers know how to bring happiness to women.

For these reasons, sex doll brothels are far from ordinary. Mini 100cm doll are very popular. Despite this, there has been a strong protest against the prospects of sex doll brothels, especially in the legal industry in the United States. On the surface, this seems to be an obvious question: when choosing between a fleshy woman who can agree to sex and a $6,000 silicone that can't be done, the logic seems to determine who chooses. It is more likely that there are some women's views that are problematic.

But this is not necessarily the case. Sexual doll brothels may be a viable option for clients who may lack the social skills necessary to build meaningful relationships with humans. The spokesperson said, “Customers who may have some kind of social anxiety or may have a disability may be uncomfortable with the social interaction of human sex workers, so they will benefit a lot” and added that the brothels have received some visually impaired people and hearing. Inquiries about obstacles.

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