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MU Legend Class










MU Legend Class
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MU Legend will be the highly anticipated action MMO and follow-nearly MU Online. It features fluid and stunning hack 'n' slash combat, content that suits both solo and party play, plus a deep and intriguing world that may satisfy new players and fans alike.


Harnessing the action of nature, through an expertise in stealth, the settlers in the Whispering Forest have acquired a certain set of special skills which make them infamous within the battlefield. Capable enough working alone, these are adept at handling scouting missions since they quietly blend into nature in addition to silently assassinate targets. Graceful in movement but deadly in execution, their abilities are highly preferred. They attack with ranged weapons, like bows, and utilise the force of nature along with the elements to dispatch their foes. Due to their swiftness in battle and unique casting abilities, they earned the title of "Whisperer".

Dark Lord

Once valiant knights have been both feared and respected within the battlefield, in just a moment of desperation, they sacrificed their human side with a dark force in substitution for great power. Their sacrifice altered their appearance about the outside, along with their humanity for the inside. Now, they may be capable of only cold reasoning. They have abandoned living an average life with out longer take part in the ways of humans. They utilize their great ability to dominate their enemies, however the successes of battle will not be enough to meet them. As they aimlessly wander battlefields, seeking purpose, they have go to be called "Dark Lords" by people who lay eyes in it.


Born from an experiment to get a way to protect their creators, Bladers are brutal warriors nourished by rage as well as their will to combat as the representatives with the lower class. The rebellion in the commoners was crushed over the Great War, leaving hardly any other solution but to make a perfect warrior as a way to fight the oppressors. The Kanturians, while using help in the humans, thought we would experiment with all the effects of rage on the warrior in an effort to create him stronger previously. The result would have been a warrior with unstoppable power along with an unending lust for battle.

War Mage

Exiled from society, War Mages are confident and believe themselves for being superior to regular mages. They were taken out of society after their magical abilities became too powerful and were considered dangerous. After being outcast, they fought as mercenaries while they attempted to control their extraordinary power. Once they did, they started to realize their own spells – ones much more powerful as opposed to runners of any regular mage. They dance around battlefields casting devastating elemental spells, all through an air of confidence and superiority. Furthermore, if you would like to buy MU Legend Zen, visit the site https://www.mmoah.com/ enjoying best service!
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