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Update 2.0 Ragnarok Arrives for mobile RPG MU Origin Today










Update 2.0 Ragnarok Arrives for mobile RPG MU Origin Today
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Seoul, Korea -27th October, 2017 - WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, has launched another content update for its real-time mobile MMORPG MU Origin.

The latest update to MU Origin, Ragnarok, includes new features, including its event battle ‘Ragnarok’, Pet skill system, Guild temple system and the system improvement and adjustment.

All-server arena system for the Server Arena Top 100 to battle who is the true No.1 of the MU Continent, 'Ragnarok' has been added to this update. Players will be able to battle the Top 100 warriors from all servers to prove themselves to be the true mightiest in the MU Continent.

Anyone in Top 100 players in the Server Arena in the previous month can join 'Ragnarok' to battle the warriors from all server thorough rounds of 100, 64, 34, 16, quarter-final, semi-final and final. The exclusive title, MU Origin No.1 will be given to the final winner of Ragnarok.

An evolution of the Pet System, 'Pet Skill' is now available. Pet Skill will be activated when a Pet reaches Lv. 30, and every new skill slot opens at Pet Lv.30, 40, 50 and 60. Skill grades such as Magic, Rare and Epic will be given randomly to their skill. In addition to acquisition, 'Skill Lock' prevents losing the Skills in their Slots, and help them get a desired Skill in a right Slot.

Guild Temple System also has been added in the game. Players can level up eight Crests to activate special Temple options and additional Temple buffs in the Guild Temple.

With the update patch, players can enter into Elveland, a new all-server area for 11 Rebirth or higher, and check out the increased guild level cap, Cry Wolf Statue. System improvement and adjustment also have come to the game. Don't hesitate, there's cheap MU Legend Zen available for purchase in https://www.mmoah.com/mu-legend
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