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Yingge was elbow ice frozen first half

Yingge was elbow ice frozen first half
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NBA regular season ushered (www.lolga.com) in the Los Angeles derby, the final Clippers 121-106 gave the Lakers five-game losing streak. Match, Ingram 20 voted 8 to get 18 points 3 assists.

In the first half of this game, Ingram felt completely frozen state, even though he came up to cover the CJ-Williams layup, but also dribble after the emergency stop assists Frank Randall storm attack Ball into the offensive and on-line assists Pope breakthrough layup, but his first half full loss of 7 shots is the Lakers lag behind the biggest reason. In the second quarter of a defensive, Ingram was still chasing defensive Teodosic Griffin hit the neck, took a long time to recover.

Feel cold Ingram in the first half significantly strengthened his offensive in the second half, the state is timely pick up. The second half came up in the high ball hit the vote, and then break through the basket wonderful pass points to complete both hands Randall dunks, and quickly sent a steal lead counterattack passed to Pope made foul free throws. In the Clippers three consecutive Biao into one-third of points difference again opened to 14 points, Ingram once again near the free throw line to complete the vote, followed by quick counterattack received Randall's long pass completed Empty take the basket. Jordan in the small empty dart buckle, Ingram from the backcourt dribble direct one-stop kill the frontcourt, an emergency stop after a sudden start of speed shift off defensive, in front of a small Jordan single-handedly split buckle to make a strong response .

Then Ingram breakthrough in the process, small beverly injured in Ingram gave the big basket under the basket, Ingram complete easy dunk, still in the counterattack in the storm to create breakthroughs in manufacturing two free throws, there are breakthroughs wonderful pass with Into Nancy foul made two free throws.

Although the distal feel good, first hit against Crawford Hallel hit 13 points, but the Clippers offensive diminished, after they also twice in the vote are easy to hit, but unfortunately still failed to narrow the points difference, the last team Lost. Ingram was frozen in the first half was clearly not a normal performance, the third quarter of 8 vote 5 12 points in Ingram or let us see his talent.
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