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It´s interesting how the communication relationship have changed in recent decades. In the times without internet, people use to communicate personally. They use to visit themselves regulary and appreciate personal communication to easily solve all the troubles or just to enjoy the other people company.

But in last few years the situation has changed.

At the beggining it was just the way how to comunicate easier and quicker. It was used especially in work. But as time went it has unhealthy replaced most of today's communication. The propblem is most obvious among young people who use all those programs like facebook, skype or inq to communicate with their friends although they live only few houses beside. They will not go outsite to enjoy their friends and have fun. They want to sit at the computer all day long and watch series, movies or other. They do not realize that most of them will sit at the computer all their work-life and forget to enjoy life and free time until they can.
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