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Public transport

Public transport
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Public transport full of sweaty people chasing their ideals discourages me to enter the board. After all the amount of money we have to pay it is a big price to toil in society consisting of constantly sweating people who are trying to reach their final destination. I believe a lot of men are enjoying those moments when wet ass of a beautiful girl is unwittingly squeezing into their crotch in desire to find the last free space.

Not to mention winter. It is a chapter on its own.

In public transport vehicles we are paying not so much for transportation as more for a theater. Yesterday my attention was caught by homeless who due to fatigue or alcohol completely without any inhibitions urinated on the seat which was afterwards used by unknowingly lady. My question is why we pay public transport from our pockets? World calls for ecology as well as the unkissed one is calling for her prince. Shouldn´t be those services paid by state especially in case when those aforementioned dirty pants have to be paid by lady herself?
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