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So here we go again. Another day passed. The one of those disgustingly steamy days that stucks into us like an old pensioner in a crowded bus. Sure you know what I am talking about. I've never been supporter of those days when the huge windows of the apartment are open but the air still does not move. The summer doesn´t belong among my favourite seasons. Propably because the temperatures do not fall bellow 60° F here even during the winnter. It´s hot here all the time. I was always wondering how beautifull life has to be over there in those places where all four seasons are changing regulary. The flavor you can smell in the air when the summer is passing and the winter is slowly creeping in.

But now the never ending summer dominates without any promise of any change. The throat is parched and constantly hungry for the next intake of fluids. However it has some advantages after all. Women have reduced their clothing to the most necessary rests and the beer in the worst pub in the city has probably never tasted better.
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Nicky de Lua
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