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Mmoexp Elden Ring Items: Attributes & Stats of Vampiric Knight Build












Mmoexp Elden Ring Items: Attributes & Stats of Vampiric Knight Build
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Attributes & Stats of Vampiric Knight Build









Equipment of Vampiric Knight Build

-Right Hand Armament 1: Keen Butchering Knife+25

-Left Hand Armament 1: Icon Shield

-Head Armor: Greathelm

-Chest Armor: Hoslow’s Armor

-Arms: Beast Champion Gauntlets

-Leg Armor: Hoslow’s Greaves


Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

Ritual Sword Talisman

Blesses Dew Talisman

Shard of Alexander

Taker's Cameo

-Ash of War: Wild Strikes

How To Make This Vampiric Knight Build Work


Let's talk about the weapon we're using for this build, we are using the butchering knife here, this is technically a great axe, even though it looks like a giant sword, but the claim to fame of this weapon is that it allows you to regain one percent of your max HP when you hit an enemy with a swing and even though that might not seem like a lot because let's say your max HP is about 1500, that's like 15 HP that might not be a lot, when you add all the other factors together that give us HP back, it really starts to add up into one build that makes you very difficult to kill, when it comes to the ash of war affinities on this weapon, we have put the wild strikes Ash of War on here and set it to the Keen Affinity, the Keen Affinity is only really good on this greataxe, most great access have very high strength requirements making it kind of moot to then put points into dexterity with a butchering knife that only has 16 strength requirement and the shield we're using for this build has 22, anyway, so Keen actually comes out to be higher damage than heavy with this weapon, so that's why we went with Keen but wild strikes is an exceptionally good weapon skill and what's really good about it on this build is the more you swing with it obviously you regain more Health as you hit repeatedly over and over which is good, but the also R1 attacks and R2 attacks which you probably won't see too much in this guide, because they're not super necessary can be absolutely devastating as well helping you AOE enemies with the R1 or break the Poise or stance break in enemy with the R2 particularly good on hard to kill enemies like Crucible Knight or bosses or things like that, you gain the butchering knife by defeating Anastasia Tarnished - Eater near the Shaded Castle, so this is quite a ways into the game, you could probably beeline it there if you just went and picked up the two halves of The Medallion went up the lift and then ran straight there, so it doesn't have to take you a long time to get this if you know where to go.
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