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Mmoexp WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold: Is This The All-In-One Sunwell Plateau Guide for TBC Classic












Mmoexp WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold: Is This The All-In-One Sunwell Plateau Guide for TBC Classic
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Is This The All-In-One Sunwell Plateau Guide for TBC Classic?

In the beginning like we do with these guides, we'll be talking about trash whenever something is really worth mentioning. And actually probably the hardest packs you'll encounter in this quest are from the beginning. There's a number of large packs stuffed with all types of mobs and you have to be aware of what you kill and what order if we're taking on them in order to not be stuck on those for hours.

The Kill Priority on these packs is holy priests, mage, warlock Shadow Priests and the last one is the warrior, however, you will see quite a several of these. But the ones you want to CC are the mobs of mage which are extremely annoying. They appear to teleport into the middle of any raid. Frost Nova everyone and use Arcane Explosion. So, make sure they are polymorphed and when a Foley breaks and they start moving around the raid, make sure you target on them and get them killed fast.

Other than that , the other mobs will be easy. The second mob you'll encounter is this scout who patrols. The scout has an enormous aggro range. As soon as you aggro him not only does he become linked to the nearest pack, but he'll also begin sprinting to the nearest protector and enable him the way to deal with this guy is to help him calm down. set a timer in the pool and let everyone play their best ability and habit land once the timer is over.
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