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It's been a pretty dramatic year for the EA Sports FC franchise










It's been a pretty dramatic year for the EA Sports FC franchise
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It's been a pretty dramatic year for the EA FC 24 Coins franchise, which introduced a cinematic storyline mode for the first time ever this year. The game's support of LGBQT rights stirred up controversy from members of the Russian Parliament, a digital EA Sports FC Coin scandal had the FBI bringing criminals to court, and last month gamers discovered a rubber-banding dramatization feature may have been included in the game despite a producer saying such a thing didn't exist.

The future will also hold some extra drama for the footballing world as whole, since Brexit will have a large impact on how contracts for UK-based football players will be handled. FC 24 ignores the impending contractual headache entirely within its manager mode, so gamers looking for that added touch of realism will have to jump over to Football Manager 2022 to get it.

Only time will tell if FC 24 manages to play a game of keep-up when it comes to next year's best selling games in the United Kingdom. If this year is any indication, we expect it'll remain within the top 20 even after FC 24 makes its debut. A Redditor has discovered code within FC 24 that seems to indicate the game secretly adjusts difficulty depending on how a game is going, something the studio said it hadn't done.

Members of the FC 24 community are in turmoil after a Reddit user named girlfriend_pregnant discovered evidence within the game's code that the title may support rubber banding after all. For the unaware, that's not a term referring to a lag-induced effect in this case. In gaming, let alone EA Sports FC, rubber banding is a term used to describe the game dynamically adjusting difficulty depending on how badly or how well a player is playing. In the case of FC 24. it seems like this practice may have been employed by EA Sports in both single player and EA Sports FC Ultimate Team modes.

While this wouldn't be a problem if EA Sports had openly said it had implemented this from the get-go, a producer had previously denied that the franchise ever involved such scripting. Since many gamers are putting forth plenty of real-life cash to improve their EA Sports FC Ultimate Teams, most weren't too happy to hear that the attributes of the opposite team may be getting a skill boost over their purchased player cards, reducing the advantage most of them seemingly paid for.

Some of the code uncovered by both girlfriend_pregnant and another Redditor seems to indicate that the rubber banding script – which EA Sports refers to as 'Momentum' – seems to change player attributes directly. These ranges from completely changing team chemistry itself (which impacts how well the team as a whole communicates) to attributes like Penalty Saving, Heel Passer, and even a mysterious attribute called Super Sub – a term for a player who comes in off the bench and completely changes the game with a stellar performance.

Some fans are arguing that a rubberbanding system unfairly punishes those who are playing well, and will always tip the EA FC 24 Coins gameplay advantage to a player who happens to be losing. Since how the code truly effects FC 24 still hasn't been fully confirmed, many other users have started a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #Explain EA Sports FC Momentum, although EA Sports has yet to comment on the issue.
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