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6-7 months old babies start to add complementary foods










6-7 months old babies start to add complementary foods
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Generally speaking, 6-month-old babies need to start adding complementary foods. With the increase of the baby's age, the chewing ability is also increasing. The complementary food is no longer limited to the thin paste. The change in the particle size of the complementary food from fine to small particles to large particles can truly meet the growth needs of babies.

Babies aged 6-7 months should eat some fine mashed foods, carrot mash and pumpkin mash are good choices; babies aged 8-10 months can eat small and crushed foods such as carrot and beef cubes; Babies around one year old can try some chopped chunks of food, such as small pieces of carrots and small pieces of beef; 18-24 months old babies can eat some fruit slices, large pieces of vegetables, it is better to eat yam, green vegetables, minced meat, corn, peas, Purple potato shrimp paste, broccoli beef, corn pork liver, carrot, shrimp and mushroom porridge are all good foods. Therefore, it is necessary for families with small babies to buy baby food maker.


For an 8-month-old baby, you can begin to exercise your baby's chewing ability. Bao Ma can enrich the types of staple foods, pay attention to the color and fragrance of complementary foods, and cultivate the good habit of not having a partial diet. Of course, the supplementary food at this time must ensure the intake of ingredients with high iron content. In the way of feeding the baby's complementary food, Bao Ma complies with the feeding, patiently encourages, and does not force feeding.

In the cold winter, it is inevitable to warm the baby and deal with the problem of leftover milk. Some babies are impatient and cry when they can't drink milk in time when they are hungry, so many mothers will prepare a bottle of milk powder in advance. Especially in the winter when the temperature is low, the prepared milk powder will cool down quickly if it is not drunk immediately. This will save you trouble, but for your baby, you can harm your baby.

The baby bottle Warmer can select the temperature according to your requirements, and you can use it directly when making milk. There are also milk bottles with thermometers that directly display the milk temperature. This is indeed the case. The recommended milk temperature is 42 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature should not be lower than 40 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees Celsius.
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