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In the process of level-tiering accuracy

In the process of level-tiering accuracy
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The facts: Each defence level is worth.25 combat levels. Each level of defense has a value of 24.5 combat levels. Defense decreases range, melee and magic damage by 10 percent. This is in addition to the reduction in damage from armor for tanks.

In the process of level-tiering accuracy and defense against equipment increases by cubical. Armour of level 50 is almost useless against weapons of lv90. Armour of high level in PvP is rarely utilized due to the costs. However the high-level weapons are often utilized due to the prayer for protection. Freedom is a defense skill which is vital for PvP with EoC. Rejuvenate, Reflect and Resonance need 37, 48, 52 and 55 defence, respectively.

Potions are a great way to boost the abilities of these. Ancient Warriors' pvp armour requires 40 defense. Void is the most basic non-degradable Power Armour level, which is 42. Fremmenik comes in at 50. In what way is this worth it? EoC PKing exists outside of warbands.

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