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It was also around this time










It was also around this time
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It was also around this time that we began making friends with other girls. I think that this affected a lot my classmates to leave. Sal's was where I first found me and I joined to maintain a social element.

An old flatmate of mine helped me get involved in WoW after I had quit RS. Like my secret RS days I don't think I've ever discussed with my friends. They're not terrible people, despite the way I make them sound. However, they wouldn't exclude me from their circle of friends. There's a lot of laughs.

Although I agree with you on the point of it "just being another videogame", we should not forget that there will always be more stigma attached to multiplayer online gaming, particularly RPGs in the fantasy genre as opposed to CoD or Battlefield.

I have had friends that made me feel this way. However, they weren't perfect their own. I have a friend who i love and live in. She knows that i play, and she even uses my F2P account on occasion. I discovered that in the later teen years it was considered taboo to tell people know you were a player (few students would participate in my classes on programming and they were often slammed by the other students, and even by the instructor.) However, it appears that nowadays it's more acceptable. I'm not sure if it is because of my maturation or aging. This is definitely less like an activity for teenagers than it was five or six years ago.

Abyssal Whip- Probably my most favourite weapon ever. It was the best weapon of all time on the battlefield, or at least up to 2008. And even before EoC it was one of my top weapons. It was a weapon with an attack that could be the maximum you could get or zero, even prior to the time it was eliminated. I was level 77.1 when I received my first special attack. I was proud. Castle Wars was my favorite level.

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